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Bulk Ordering

Bulk Ordering Meat

Whole Beef

$ 6.25/lb
  • Whole Beef: $6.25/lb
    (approximately 800lbs hanging weight)
  • 1/2 Beef: $6.50/lb
    (approximately 400lbs hanging weight)
  • Mixed 1/4 Beef: $7.00/lb
    (approximately 200lbs hanging weight)
  • Front 1/4 Beef: $6.25/lb
    (approximately 200lbs hanging weight)
  • Hind 1/4: $7.25/lb
    (approximately 200lbs hanging weight)
A deposit of $500 is required when purchasing beef in bulk.

Whole Lamb

$ 9.50/lb
  • Whole lamb or 1/2 lamb:
    (45+lbs) $9.50/lb
    (40-45lbs) $10.00/lb
    (40lbs or less) $10.75/lb
  • Whole lamb not cut:
    (40-45lbs) $9.00/lb
    (40lbs or less) $9.50/lb
  • BBQ/Roasting lamb
    (Under 40lbs) $10.00/lb
    (Price may fluctuate depending on season)


$ 4.50/lb
  • Whole pig: $4.50/lb
  • 1/2 pig: $4.50/lb
  • BBQ/Roasting pig
    (Under 60lbs) $3.00-4.50/lb

    (Price fluctuates depending on season)

  • Extra Charges
    Sausage making $2.50/lb

    ($3/lb for Honey Garlic)

    Smoking $1.50/lb
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