Meat FAQs

Meat FAQs

Helpful answers to questions we often receive at Thatcher Farms.

+ - Why do you vac pac your meat in plastic?

We choose to vac pac our meat as it gives our customers a product that will maintain the high quality of our meat. It freezes beautifully and lets you see the product you are buying (vs. being wrapped in brown paper).

+ - How long can I keep vac packed meat in the fridge?

The official guideline is 14 days but we recommend freezing after 10 for beef, pork & lamb; 7 for poultry to maintain freshness and quality.

+ - Your meat seems sort of pricey?

As a small family farm we take the utmost care in every aspect of raising and butchering livestock. Doing many of the steps ourselves (growing feed, raising animals, trucking them and butchering weekly) may not be as cost effective as doing these actions in bulk but the quality of the product makes this process and the attached costs worth it to us and our customers.

+ - I'd love to buy more of your meat, is there any way I can save money doing this?

Yes! We offer 5 lb boxes of our most popular cuts and 30 lb boxes of mixed cuts. These are both offered at a discount of our regular retail prices. We also occasionally have sales, watch Facebook/Instagram to see when these sales come up! Or order a quarter beef or half pig.

+ - Do you sell quarter/half beef? What about 1/2 pigs?

We do! Buying in bulk like this is a great way to save money and stock your freezer with premium cuts from Thatcher Farms. Visit our store online or in person for pricing.

+ - Can I get a cut of meat I can't find anywhere else?

Yes! As we butcher whole animals we are able to do any cut you’d like.

+ - Do you sell live animals?

No we don’t. There are regulations in place that prevent this.

+ - Where can I find your products?

We have an on-farm market open year round Tuesday-Sunday. We are also at the Guelph Farmer’s Market every Saturday from 7-12. In addition you can find our products at many farm markets in Ontario.

+ - How do I cook your ready-made meals?

Whether you bought it fresh or frozen all our ready-made meals are cooked and ready to go – all you have to do is heat it up! We recommend heating in a 350 oven for 15-75 minutes… shorter times for small, fresh meals; longer for larger or frozen meals.

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