Farm Etiquette

Etiquette & FAQs at Thatcher Farms

Helpful farm etiquette tips guiding you to an enjoyable experience at Thatcher Farms.

Friendly Reminders:
No smoking or vaping on the property.
Please remember to wash your hands when you get home.

+ - Are dogs or pets allowed to visit Thatcher Farms?

Unfortunately no. As a working farm it isn’t safe for pets to visit and our insurance does not cover visiting pets. Guide dogs are always welcome!

+ - Can I send my children to the farm on their own?

No, all children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.

+ - Where should I park when I arrive?

If you are coming to visit our market you are welcome to park out front of the store. If you are going to stay and play please follow the signs to our parking area, located just past the store building on your left as you enter.

+ - Where should I go when I arrive?

Please visit the admission booth when you first arrive. They will have all the information you need for your visit.

+ - Can I bring a picnic with me?

If you get hungry during your visit please support our weekend BBQ or come in the store to see what tasty items we have available. Please, no outside food.

+ - Can I feed the animals?

No. Our animals are on regulated diets designed to keep them healthy and happy. As much as they might like a treat we ask that you refrain from feeding them. Please do not feed our animals!

+ - Can I touch the animals?

No. Animals are usually friendly but they are not pets. Startling or surprising them may cause them to act out. If you see animals enjoying the farm during your visit please enjoy watching them but let them be. Remember, this is their home! Please don’t touch or chase our animals!

+ - How far are you from...?

It comes a pleasant surprise to many that we are only 15 minutes from Guelph, Fergus and Elora!

+ - What should I wear when I come?

We advise you to dress in layers so you can adjust to the weather on the farm. Fields are muddy so boots or sturdy shoes are always a good idea. Plants can get prickly so you may want to consider long pants and long sleeves.

+ - What else should I bring?

We recommend you bring sunscreen, a hat, bug spray and hand sanitizer.

+ - When is the jump pad open?

Our jump pad is open daily with our Fun Farmyard (approximately the end of May to end of October). If it is wet or stormy we will close the jump pad for your safety.

+ - Are there any rules for the jump pad?

We ask you to take off your shoes (bring socks if you are wearing sandals!), remove any jewellery and take out loose items from your pockets. Anyone up to 220 lbs (?) can use the jump pad but it may be intimidating for very small jumpers. Please treat other users respectfully – no bumping, pushing, jumping off the edge.

+ - When is strawberry season?

Generally strawberry season runs mid-June to mid-July but with all things farming it is highly weather dependent! Please check our Facebook page or Instagram to keep up to date with picking conditions.

+ - Are you open every day for strawberry picking?

We monitor the availability of berries as well as the weather throughout strawberry season. Sometimes our plants need a day to catch up if we have had a lot of visitors and if it is too wet it is not good for the fields to have lots of people walking through them. We will post on Facebook our picking conditions each day.

+ - How close are the strawberry fields to the entrance?

Our strawberry field locations rotate annually, as well, we rotate daily which fields/rows we are picking from. Please check in at the admission booth with what location to pick from on the day you visit. Some fields may be a 10-15 minute walk away. We have wagons to help you transport your berries & children!

+ - Should I bring my own buckets for strawberry picking?

Please purchase and use Thatcher Farms buckets for strawberry picking as they are priced to include all the strawberries you can fit inside!

+ - When will sweet corn be available?

Generally sweet corn is available mid-August to mid-September but with all things farming it is highly weather dependent!

+ - When is the corn maze open?

In 2020 we anticipate the corn maze to be open mid-August until end of October.

+ - Is there a map of your corn maze?

Yes, before you enter the corn maze there will be a map of the entire area. We encourage you to take a picture with your phone so you can reference it as you go. As well, we have multiple maps with ‘you are here’ points on them throughout the maze.

+ - When will pumpkins be available?

Generally pumpkin season runs end of September to end of October but with all things farming it is highly weather dependent!

+ - Can I have my birthday party/family reunion/event at Thatcher Farms?

Yes! Please enquire for rates and availability.

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