School  and Educational Tours:

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We are now taking School Tour bookings for fall 2016

Thatcher Farms is excited to announce that we have added a school tours program to our farm life.  We offer children the opportunity to come and visit our working farm, to play, learn and grow with our exciting new program.  Come and spend a morning or an afternoon at the Farm to discover the importance of farming in our community, to learn about animal husbandry and raising livestock, growing crops, the weather and of course the natural world around them.  Visiting our farm allows children to experience the wonder planting, and growing food.  Our programs are interactive activities that emphasize all 5 senses while learning through experience.  Call 519.856.4073 or email to book your time today!

Introducing Thatcher Farms
"Pantry and Grocery Box"

Thatcher Farms has paired with other amazing farmers to bring you the Thatcher Farms Pantry and Grocery Box. This tasty box allows our customers to pre-order a variety of selected items to help keep their fridge and pantry well stocked. This time saving purchase is an economical way to buy a larger quantity of healthy, wholesome items while supporting your local farmers. Enjoy yours today!!


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Thatcher Farms Grocery Box

On-Line Store Coming Soon!!!!

We now offer raw Pet Foods,
Smoked bones and treats!

Our pet foods are a beautiful mixture of beef, pork, and lamb organ meats.  You can purchase our raw pet foods, raw  beef, lamb or pork bones, smoked bones and our famous smoked Pig's Ears at our Country Store as well as the Guelph Farmer's Market!!!

Pasture Raised, Whole Chickens and Turkeys

Order your delicious pasture raised, whole chickens.
Our chickens are raised outdoors and get fresh grass and hay all day long. $4/lb!

We are also pasturing turkeys.
Enjoy a fresh turkey right from our farm. $4.25/lb!

phone: 519-856-4073    email:

Welcome to Thatcher Farms

Thatcher Farms Invites you to visit the farm for the best
in farm fresh meat products beef, pork and lamb.


Thatcher Farms is located on 140 acres in Eramosa Township, in beautiful Wellington County. The family owned and operated farm offers customers locally produced meat products that are naturally raised, and that are hormone and additive free. Adam, a graduate of the Ontario Agriculture College and Dana an elementary school teacher enjoy farming and the lifestyle it provides for their family. Thatcher Farms is entering its fourth year of business, which grew out of necessity and a love for “good” food. Knowing where your food comes from and how it is grown is an essential ingredient when looking to buy fresh, quality, sustainable meats. At Thatcher Farms you will meet your local farmer and you will learn how buying locally produced meats, eggs, cheeses, honey and syrup help to support and preserve local agriculture. Buying from farmers in your community is not only a healthy choice for your family but demonstrates respect for our land and the environment. Buying your fresh meats from Thatcher Farms means you can buy with confidence!

"Raising animals and livestock requires time, patience and a true
commitment to the process,  with an end result of
what we believe to be a quality product."


Thatcher Family FarmBuy Local and reduce
your carbon footprint!!!

At Thatcher Farms, we believe that supporting local farms is an integral component of sustaining small, family operated businesses. By supporting local farmers today, you will help to ensure that there will be farms in your community tomorrow. Buying locally grown produce and meat products guarantees fresh, tasty and nutritious products. By cutting out travel time, which diminishes the quality of food and decreasing transport distances, you are ensuring fresher products for your family and helping to preserve the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Our products are all raised on our farm, in Eramosa Township. Our meat products are completely free of hormones and additives. We believe that our products are a healthy choice for your family. Buying locally here at our farm allows our customers to experience exactly how their food is grown.

Buying locally also helps to support and build
the community that you live in.


By meeting your local farmer, you will learn exactly
how your food is produced and be guaranteed great products.


Grains for Animals
Thatcher Farms offers additive and hormone free beef, pork and lamb as well as sweet honey right from the hives in the apple orchard, pure maple syrup, a variety of meat pies, a selection of artisan cheeses, jams and jellies.


The animals are fed a variety of rations made up of various grains, barley, corn and alfalfa-timothy hay all of which crops are raised here on our farm.

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Sunday 11am - 4pm

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Guelph Farmers Market

Visit us at the Guelph Farmer's Market.  The market is open all year round every Saturday from 7am to 12pm.

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Thatcher Farms is part of the Ontario Farm Fresh Marketing Association
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Thatcher Farms is proud to be a part of Ontario Farm Fresh Marketing Association.
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My Pick Verified Farm

Proud Members of "My Pick":

When you visit a farmers market in Ontario remember to look for the "My Pick" logo. This logo guarantees consumers that the market vendor you are purchasing from is a true farmer and not a reseller of that product. This winter Thatcher Farms became a certified "My Pick" farm! Help to support local farmers and look for the My Pick signs at markets!
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